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Law of Attraction and Resistance

How can I deal with Resistance in Law of Attraction?
This question by Colt is a common question that I get from LOA followers so I have reprinted it. The forum has moved so previous links are not working.

By Colt in EFT General Discussion

I am starting to use the law of attraction to manifest my dreams.  But the biggest problem I hear most people face and why they don’t get what they want is resistance.  Whether its conscious or unconscious.  The conscious stuff I get, I can tap on that.  But our subconscious runs about 90% of our behavior and is usually completely unknown to us at a conscious level and accounts for the majority of the things we attract into our life.

That being said, how can you possibly identify what that subconscious resistance is to tap it away?  And what if you have no intensity about it all (since it’s subconscious)???


Hi Colt:

One of the real advantages of EFT is that it directly identifies and dissipates the resistant ideas of our subconscious. In EFT these are often referred to as blocks, or as psychological reversals.

Some very common psychological reversals are outlined below

  • I don`t deserve to achieve this goal
  • I need to work hard to achieve my goal.
  • I will never achieve my goal
  • It`s not possible to achieve my goal.
  • Others don`t deserve me to achieve my goal.
  • If I achieve my goal my identity or life will change and I am not ready for this.
  • It`s not safe for me to achieve my goal.
  • I have some other unknown or unidentified resistance to achieving my goal.

You can take each of the above statements and drop them in the following pattern:

Even though_______________________________________ I accept myself.


Even though I don`t deserve to achieve this goal I accept myself. You can remove this resistance/reversal by simultaneously tapping the karate hop point or the rubbing the sore point and repeating the statement three times.

Listen for any negative self talk that comes up and include these in your treatment pattern.

Are you self – judgmental?  Include these judgements in the pattern:

eg. Even though I am a loser, and I come from a whole family of losers, I accept myself.

Do you should all over yourself?  Include these should messages, too.

eg. Even though I should exercise more , I accept myself.

The last sentence is when you really come to a dead end. You`ve  already tapped away your own `reasons for not succeeding`, your judgments for `why you will never succeed`, and all of your  `shoulds`At this point, use:

  • Even though I have some other unknown or unidentified resistance to achieving my goal, I accept myself.

You may need to persist with this more than the recommended three times, because you may have more than one such unidentified resistance in your subconscious.


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