First Nations Topics

The following is a letter I sent out to members of a society aimed at helping the First Nations Community in Edmonton:

I am an alternative therapist that has a had a great deal of success helping  people overcome the effects of neglect, abuse, past trauma, ongoing anger and more.  I have spoken at several conferences and meeting of trauma survivors.   Something (some spirit?) told me to write to you.

I use a technique called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It is based on the ancient Chinese acupuncture points and modern insights into the human psyche gleaned from psychology and neuro-linguistic programing( NLP).  It has helped me personally and I have followed a calling to bring healing to others.

The beauty about EFT is it is easy to learn, effective in many people almost immediately but has a lot of complexity and depth in the technique that comes with time and practice. It is a spiritual path too.

I like to explain this by using this comparison:

It’s as if we are all sitting down on the ground looking at a huge pile of our own problems, insecurities, past traumas, historical injustices and traumas passed down from generation to generation, negative emotions, unhelpful beliefs and more. This pile of stuff blocks our view; it keeps us from seeing the big picture. As we clear away this dark pile bit by bit, we start to understand that other people are dealing with their own piles of  ‘stuff’. We see them as people who have their own reasons for bad behavior, as other seekers looking for clarity, light, peace- even if they don’t understand this yet, and maybe they never will.

Eventually if we keep working on our own stuff, we not only  are able to see others more clearly, but the great spirit, or whatever name we have for the universal wisdom, begins to speak to us and and we are able to hear the spirit, too. We are able to tap into the wisdom of this spirit and less likely to get caught up in stuff that does not really matter.

Anyway, I do go on some days 🙂 .  Suffice it to say that I feel drawn to the first nations people of  this country and I do feel drawn to offer my own experience and understanding of EFT to them. Like many Canadians, I am of  European descent, though my brother and uncle have children with first nations women.
I understand that First Nations peoples might take a while to warm up to me and may distrust my motivations. I’m okay with this.  But  some day, I  hope that my sincere offers will be accepted for what they are.  Just because I am a blue-eyed anglo-european, it does not mean that I cannot  empathize and feel for what first nations brothers and sisters have gone through.
I do not know if our paths will ever cross.  Perhaps you have contacts in Edmonton who may more easily contact me to accept what I have to offer. Maybe you have already deleted this email without reading it to the end.

I know that by sitting down and writing this letter, I have let (the great) spirit know that I am willing to offer my skills to First Nations people. Thank you for this.

Mildred Thill

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