About Mildred Thill

Mildred Thill has been using EFT since 2004. She specializes in relieving stress of all kinds, including that from past trauma, grief, post-operative stress, relationship stress, parenting stress and more.

My clients include sexual abuse survivors, PTSD sufferers, cancer patients, sciatica sufferers, and anyone who is unhappy with the quality of his or her existence and wants to make a change.

Check out my Alternative health journey here.



  1. Is it possible to learn EFT since the retirement of Gary Craig?

    • Ricky,
      I understand your heartfelt concern about this. I am assuming you mean to learn EFT as a practitioner.

      Right now, Gary’s EFT practitioner courses are not available to those who have not purchased the DVD’s. The DVD’s are sold out and as far as we know, the web site is closing.

      Given all this however, I am pretty certain that Gary will be turning his business over in some form or another to other EFT providers. The http://www.emofree.com site in itself is a very valuable resource and I cannot see this being completely left for use by a non-EFT related provider.
      Also, I am certain that the DVD’s will become commercially available again. They are themselves a very valuable resource. They may not remain as cheap as they once were, but they will likely become available with time.
      I am just guessing about this, of course. However, be patient. There is a lot you can learn from the Free EFT manual, still available from the site. The FAQS and other resources are very useful, still and are available for study and for tapping along.
      If you complete the personal peace procedure for yourself, and if you start by keeping records of all of your EFT work, you will still have a lot to do and learn before this is resolved.

      In the meantime, you can practice practice practice and learn from the instruction given on the EFT forum, which is still open for now. There are other forums opening up all the time and if you find a moderator or EFT provider that you like, you can join or sign up for a newsletter and keep in the EFT loop.

      A lot of this is still up to you. Just keep practicing and I am pretty sure that every thing will work out again.


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