EFT Session MP3 Audio Files

Borrow Some Benefits in these three audio files (mp3s) from Ingrid and Arum http://wp.me/pFoLU-4u

Ingrid 1-Ingrid 1
Ingrid 2-Ingrid 2
Ingrid 26Ingrid26
Arum 1-6102140000-852975-3

Arum 2-Hip Pain http://wp.me/pFoLU-5k

Amit 1-Anxiety http://wp.me/pFoLU-4X

Amit 2-Anxiety http://wp.me/sFoLU-anxiety

Terri 1-The hidden Benefits of migraines http://wp.me/pFoLU-5bTerri 1-Migraines

Amit 3-Anxiety and Dealing with a Possible Entity 6102140000-852975-8

Arum 3-More On Hip Pain-Arum deals with the relationship of anger, self-blame and guilt as it pertains to her hip pain.6102140000-852975-10

Amit 4-Dealing with Anxiety using Colors. My intuition brought me to ask about colors during this session with Amit. A very interesting session ensued.6102140000-852975-11

Amit 5a-Part A of an Interrupted Session on Anxiety6102140000-852975-12

Amit 5b-Part B of an Interrupted Session on Anxiety6102140000-852975-13

Amit 6-In this session, we follow the feelings and sensations around the body, much as Gary Craig recommended for his “following the pain” technique.6102140000-852975-14

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