EFT Session MP3 Audio Files

Borrow Some Benefits in these three audio files (mp3s) from Ingrid and Arum http://wp.me/pFoLU-4u

Ingrid 1-Ingrid 1
Ingrid 2-Ingrid 2
Ingrid 26Ingrid26

Arum 1-6102140000-852975-3

Arum 2-Hip Pain http://wp.me/pFoLU-5k

Amit contacted me with severe anxiety. If you have anxiety, borrowing benefits may be for you. Just follow along silently and tap as if you were Amit. You will find it surprisingly useful.

Amit 1-Anxiety http://wp.me/pFoLU-4X

Amit 2-Anxiety http://wp.me/sFoLU-anxiety

Amit 3-Anxiety and Dealing with a Possible Entity 6102140000-852975-8

Amit 4-Dealing with Anxiety using Colors. My intuition brought me to ask about colors during this session with Amit. A very interesting session ensued.6102140000-852975-11

Amit 5a-Part A of an Interrupted Session on Anxiety6102140000-852975-12

Amit 5b-Part B of an Interrupted Session on Anxiety6102140000-852975-13

Amit 6-In this session, we follow the feelings and sensations around the body, much as Gary Craig recommended for his “following the pain” technique.6102140000-852975-14

Terri 1-The hidden Benefits of migraines http://wp.me/pFoLU-5bTerri 1-Migraines

Arum 3-More On Hip Pain-Arum deals with the relationship of anger, self-blame and guilt as it pertains to her hip pain.6102140000-852975-10

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