Posted by: Mildred's eftedmonton Blog | October 10, 2013

Police integrity not always appreciated within the force

In Edmonton where I live, there have been several publicized incidents involving police officers who have gone beyond their duty as arresting officers to mete out beatings, and worse, in their own brand of justice.

No one can argue that a police officers’ job is easy.   On a daily basis, policemen deal with the worst type of people in society: pedophiles, drug dealers, thieves, pimps, murderers and sociopaths of every stripe.

Police officers see the worst of what society has to offer, and it must be difficult under these circumstances not to become jaded, cynical, and even traumatized, by the daily human trail of filth that an officer encounters.

It must be discouraging to arrest a drug dealer or a pimp, only to find them out on bail or released after a laughably short sentence. However, it is not my purpose here to address the systemic faults in the Alberta justice system.

My concern today is with a particular police officer, Derek Huff, who tried within his department to take a stand, showing integrity against a code of silence that law enforcement officers follow.   You can read about what  Derek Huff did by googling his name, “Derek Huff” and “police brutality”. Or try this link:

I would like to address this article to Derek Huff , who feeling betrayed by his coworkers is now suffering PTSD because of the treatment he received in response to his attempt to do the right thing, not the easy thing.

Derek, take a deep breath and notice how you feel in your body.  Are you tense? Do you have pain in your neck or shoulders? Just notice this and start by tapping the side of your hand and saying each sentence below three times. Then tap through the acupressure points described in EFT in a nutshell.

  • Even though my dream job fell to tatters, I accept myself.
  • Even though  I and my partner saw three fellow police officers punching and kicking a drug dealer in a planned beating and we wanted to do the right thing, and were unsuccessful, I accept myself.
  • Even though I, Derek, took these allegations to my superior officers, I accept myself.
  • Even though my complaints went nowhere, I accept myself.
  • Even though I was branded a rat, I accept myself.
  • Even though I feel betrayed by my coworkers and my supervisors, I accept myself.
  • Even though I felt threatened and bullied for reporting wrongdoing, I accept myself.
  • Even though didn’t know what to do after the incident, I accept myself.
  • Even though my partner and I were in a no-win situation, I accept myself.
  • Even though I am struggling with depression because of the bullying and intimidation I’ve gone through, I accept myself.
  • Even though I had to go on stress leave, and eventually quit my job, I accept myself.
  • Even though it may be that the problem I brought forward is even bigger that I anticipated, I accept myself.

If you are not Derek, please consider doing some surrogate EFT for him – I’m sure he could use the help.  We, the public, need to show our support for courageous men and women who stand up against injustice even at great personal cost.  Derek Huff, you have my appreciation and admiration.

Now take another deep breath and see how you feel.  If you were tapping the points , you may feel a little lighter in your body.  Maybe your breath is a little fuller or easier. This is how EFT works and how it can help you.

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