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EFT continues to help – A testimonial

If you are a regular reader of my blog or web site you will recognize the name Arum. She has been a client of mine since the early days of the EFT forum and we continue to be in touch. The following is excerpted from an email she recently sent me. She brings out some important points. One is that sometimes when our pains go away, we don’t necessarily notice right away. Gary Craig calls this the ‘apex effect. With EFT, it feels like we didn’t have the problem in the first place. Read Arum’s email here:

    Hi Mildred,
    While looking over some of my old emails, there was a lot of comments regarding the burning issue I had and my hip problem. The change has¬† been phenomenal. Whereas before the burning sensation almost drove me insane, this morning I noticed it wasn’t there at all. It doesn’t seem to be in my body to where it can even be noticed. Don’t you think that’s odd? And as for my hip, my goodness girl it seems like a miracle. I can sleep on my right side, and this morning when my husband put his arm across me, it didn’t hurt at all. So many of the aches and pains I had are just gone.
    Do you know what I think? When we first start tapping it’s like cleaning out a closet, it gets clean gradually. One gets their mind on something else, and all at once they look up and the closet is clean. My body seemed to heal while I wasn’t noticing.
    EFT continues to amaze me. Yet there is no one to share my amazement with. When I look back to where I was a few years ago, I’m so grateful. Although there are so many negative things we could focus on, if we just focus on the good things, our life will be full. Thank you for helping me get here. ūüôā Hugs and a smile, Arum
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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,000 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 50 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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-How Can I Learn EFT? Updated

Much has changed in EFT since I last answered this question. Gary Craig, Founder of EFT, has given the term EFT to the public domain and this means that there are all kinds of EFT out there without any standardization.¬† Therefore Gary Craig, in response to this situation has come up with two terms, “Gary’s Official EFT(c)” and “Official EFT(c)”. These represent what Gary Craig means when he discusses EFT. You can learn about this in more¬† depth by clicking on the following link, to go to the Official EFT Tutorial.¬†

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Police integrity not always appreciated within the force

In Edmonton where I live, there have been several publicized incidents involving police officers who have gone beyond their duty as arresting officers to mete out beatings, and worse, in their own brand of justice.

No one can argue that a police officers’ job is easy.¬†¬† On a daily basis, policemen deal with the worst type of people in society: pedophiles, drug dealers, thieves, pimps, murderers and sociopaths of every stripe.

Police officers see the worst of what society has to offer, and it must be difficult under these circumstances not to become jaded, cynical, and even traumatized, by the daily human trail of filth that an officer encounters.

It must be discouraging to arrest a drug dealer or a pimp, only to find them out on bail or released after a laughably short sentence. However, it is not my purpose here to address the systemic faults in the Alberta justice system.

My concern today is with a particular police officer, Derek Huff, who tried within his department to take a stand, showing integrity against a code of silence that law enforcement officers follow.¬†¬† You can read about what¬† Derek Huff did by googling his name, “Derek Huff” and “police brutality”. Or try this link:¬†

I would like to address this article to Derek Huff , who feeling betrayed by his coworkers is now suffering PTSD because of the treatment he received in response to his attempt to do the right thing, not the easy thing.

Derek, take a deep breath and notice how you feel in your body.  Are you tense? Do you have pain in your neck or shoulders? Just notice this and start by tapping the side of your hand and saying each sentence below three times. Then tap through the acupressure points described in EFT in a nutshell.

  • Even though my dream job fell to tatters, I accept myself.
  • Even though¬† I and my partner saw three fellow police officers punching and kicking a drug dealer in a planned beating and we wanted to do the right thing, and were unsuccessful, I accept myself.
  • Even though I, Derek, took these allegations to my superior officers, I accept myself.
  • Even though my complaints went nowhere, I accept myself.
  • Even though I was branded a rat, I accept myself.
  • Even though I feel betrayed by my coworkers and my supervisors, I accept myself.
  • Even though I felt threatened and bullied for reporting wrongdoing, I accept myself.
  • Even though didn’t know what to do after the incident, I accept myself.
  • Even though my partner and I were in a no-win situation, I accept myself.
  • Even though I am struggling with depression because of the bullying and intimidation I’ve gone through, I accept myself.
  • Even though I had to go on stress leave, and eventually quit my job, I accept myself.
  • Even though it may be that the problem I brought forward is even bigger that I anticipated, I accept myself.

If you are not Derek, please consider doing some surrogate EFT for him – I’m sure he could use the help.¬† We, the public, need to show our support for courageous men and women who stand up against injustice even at great personal cost.¬† Derek Huff, you have my appreciation and admiration.

Now take another deep breath and see how you feel.  If you were tapping the points , you may feel a little lighter in your body.  Maybe your breath is a little fuller or easier. This is how EFT works and how it can help you.

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Book Review of “When Heaven Comes…into the Classroom”

This is a video review of a book by my friend Julia Kopala, a former teacher and practicing Reiki Master. Julia wrote a book about her experiences bringing complementary health to the classroom. Julia was a pioneer in bringing together Eastern and Western complementary therapies to an educational setting. This book is aimed at parents, educators, counselors and anyone interested in integrating the wisdom of complementary therapies into the classroom.

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Making Marriage Work Part 2: Avoid Criticism

The¬† book, “The Seven Principals for Making Marriage Work”, lists four¬† indicators that a marriage is in trouble, and these are called in the book, “the four horseman of the apocalypse”, or just “the four horsemen” for short. These four sign posts or horsemen are¬† criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling. Today, I will discuss the first of these, criticism.

The authors differentiate between complaint and criticism. Complaint, they say, addresses the action of the person that upsets you, while criticism says something global about the other person’s character or personality. Blame and character assassination are forms of criticism. If you have any questions about the difference between complaint and criticism, I highly recommend you read the book wherein numerous examples are described (p.28). In the meantime, here are some sentences that my clients with complaints about their spouses have found helpful.

  • Even though my spouse is completely different than I am and doesn’t do things the way I would do them, I accept myself.
  • Even though it really bugs me when my spouse does/does not _________________¬† , I accept myself. (Fill in the blank¬† as often as necessary.)
  • Even though I was initially attracted to my spouse because he or she was so different than I was, I accept myself.
  • Even though I wish my spouse would do things¬† or say things just the way I do, I accept myself.
  • Even though my spouse is very different than me, and I wish she or he would be just like me, I accept myself.
  • Even though I would be very bored being married to someone just like me, I accept myself.
  • Even though I am now trying to turn my spouse into another person just like me, I accept myself.
  • Even though I am easy to get along with but my spouse is difficult to understand, I accept myself.
  • Even though I will never be able to turn my spouse into another me and that would be boring anyway, I accept myself.
  • Even though some of the characteristics that of my spouse I was most attracted to at the beginning are those that I just can’t stand now, I accept myself.
  • Even though I have a tendency to turn my complaints about behavior into criticism that insinuates a character flaw, I accept myself and I choose to be more careful.
  • Even though I’ve married my exact opposite and now I want someone just like me, I accept myself anyway.
  • Even though I may have unresolved conflicts with one of my parents that I am working through using my spouse as a surrogate, I accept myself.
  • Even though my spouse is possibly just like /is not anything like my mom/my dad, I accept myself anyway.
  • Even though I may still have some issues with my same sex and/or opposite sex parent that I am trying to resolve with my spouse, I accept myself.

Do you have an issue you would like help with? I invite you to send me an issue you have with someone in your life, not necessarily your spouse. I will post some of the most interesting ones here and provide some tapping sentences to work on with EFT. Click on the EFT-in-a-nutshell link if you are unfamiliar with EFT.

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Making Marriage Work Part 3: Avoid Contempt

According to the authors of “The Seven Principals for Making Marriage Work”, sneering, eye rolling, hostile humor, name-calling, belligerence. and mockery are all forms of contempt.¬† All are to be avoided in a healthy relationship.Here are some sentences to help you if you are guilty of showing contempt to your spouse:
Even though I have the habit of turning my complaints into criticisms, I accept myself.
Even though I have been sarcastic to my spouse recently/many times/several times, I accept myself.
Even though I roll my eyes when my spouse says something I disagree with, I accept myself.
Even though I learned how to treat my spouse by watching my parents interact, I accept myself.
Even though my father/mother was/parents were disrespectful to each other / to me , I accept myself.
Even though I have disrespectful names for my spouse, I accept myself.
Even though I have been belligerent or threatening to my spouse, I accept myself.
Even though I have made many mistakes in my relationship, I accept myself.
Even though I have treated my spouse badly, I accept myself.
Even though I have abused  the person I most depend on and love, I accept myself.
Even though I have shown contempt to my spouse, I accept myself and I forgive myself. I chosse to change my behavior and become a better spouse.
Here are some sentences to help you if your spouse shows contempt to you:
Even though my spouse has the habit of turning complaints into criticisms, I accept myself.
Even though my spouse has been sarcastic to me recently/many times/several times, I accept myself.
Even though my spouse rolls her/her eyes when I say something he/she disagrees with, I accept myself.
Even though my spouse has learned how to treat me by watching his/her parents interact, I accept myself.
Even though my spouse`s father/mother was/parents were disrespectful to each other /  him/her , I accept myself.
Even though my spouse has disrespectful names for me, I accept myself.
Even though my spouse has been belligerent or threatening to me, I accept myself.
Even though my spouse has made many mistakes in our relationship, I accept myself and I forgive my spouse.
Even though my spouse has treated me badly, I accept myself.
Even though my spouse has abused the person he/she most depends on and loves, I accept myself.
Even though my spouse has shown contempt to me, I accept myself. I choose to let my spouse know that I will no longer tolerate this treatment and will remove myself from my spouse`s presence for set amounts of time. I let my spouse know the reason for my removal and the amount of time I will be gone.
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“The Seven Principles for making Marriage Work” and EFT, Part 1

I recently came across a valuable research-based text on marriage by John H. Gottman, PH.D., and Nan Silver, “The Seven Principles for making Marriage Work”.¬† The book discusses 6 signs that a marriage will not work out. Today I’m going to talk about the first sign. a harsh argument start up.

If a partner becomes negative and accusatory, with criticism or sarcasm in the first 3 minutes of a 15-minute interaction, things will not go well.

If you are that person sabotaging your own marriage, here are some sentences to practice EFT on:

  • Even though I start my arguments aggressively, I accept myself.
  • Even though my spouse also starts arguments aggressively, I accept myself.
  • Even though I can be quite sarcastic to my spouse, I accept myself.
  • Even though my spouse can also be quite sarcastic to me, I accept myself.
  • Even though my sarcasm shows contempt for my partner, I accept myself.
  • Even though I may use a quiet voice to voice my contempt, I accept myself.
  • Even though I blame my spouse for any issue that comes up, I accept myself.
  • Even though criticism and blame are not useful tools when trying to resolve issues in my marriage,I accept myself.
  • Even though part of me needs to find a scapegoat for our problems and that will make me feel better, I¬† accept myself.
  • Even though I feel guilty for not having a perfect marriage I accept myself.
  • Even though¬† I need to blame someone in order to feel better about my troubled marriage, I accept myself.
  • Even though our problems are all my spouses fault, I accept myself.

According to the authors, if you start an interaction with a harsh beginning, you are dooming it to failure.  So learn to be gentle and non-accusatory in your interactions, especially at the beginning. These EFT phrases will help and also help you to feel calm if your spouse starts off aggressively.  Remember to starting tapping the side of the hand as you repeat  each sentence  three times,  and then tap the top of the head, between the eyes, side of the eyes, under the eyes, under the nose, under the mouth,  at the collar bone point,  and under the arms.

check out this link for the second part of this article:

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Guest article from Dawson Church, EFT Researcher

Fixing Wikipedia’s “EFT” Article

Below is an article written by Dawson Church about Wikipedia’s biased and misleading EFT entry.

Dawson Church is the author
of The Genie in Your Genes
“Best Health Book” USA Book News

The history of science is littered with examples of technology driving discovery. Seventeenth century Dutch tradesman Anton von Leeuwenhoek was one of my teenage heroes. Leeuwenhoek perfected the art of grinding magnifying lenses, and began describing the curious microorganisms he saw through them. He began reporting his findings to the newly-formed Royal Society in England; his letters, translated into English, also contained painstaking drawings of the organisms he observed. While contemporary microscopes could magnify to only about 30x, Leeuwenhoek obsessively ground very fine lenses that could magnify an object by up to 200x.

Like Galileo and so many other pioneers, Leeuwenhoek’s discoveries were first greeted with hostile skepticism by many members of the Royal Society. This skepticism-whether it was the doctors of Vienna pillorying Ignaz Semmelweis for washing his hands between patients, or the Catholic Church forcing Galileo to repent his heretical view that the earth orbited the sun-has impeded the progress of science for centuries.

This observation led German physicist Max Planck to remark that science progresses one funeral at a time. Existing “experts” cling to their outdated worldviews, and not till a new generation has displaced them is there a more open intellectual climate in which new ideas can thrive.

Unlike the leaps and bounds made by science since the Renaissance, the attitude of skeptics has remained rooted firmly in the anti-scientific superstition of the fourteenth century. If you’d like to read a comically embarrassing modern-day example, look up “EFT” on Wikipedia. Several years ago, a group of skeptics seized editorial control of most of the CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) pages on Wikipedia.

The early articles were written mostly by experts in their fields. The skeptics deleted those articles, and wrote their own. They tag EFT and other therapies as “pseudoscience,” and whenever experts attempt to correct them, for instance by adding a description of a study newly published in a peer-reviewed journal, the skeptics suppress the amendment.

A popular misconception is that anyone can edit a Wikipedia page; in reality many entries are controlled by informal committees of editors, who can band together around a common philosophy, such as closed-minded hostility to CAM, or anti-scientific skepticism. These self-appointed gatekeepers can then dictate what goes on a page, depriving the public using the encyclopedia from reading authoritative, balanced and objective coverage of a topic, entries written by experienced and qualified experts.

With ignorance and skepticism wielding the editorial pen, the only study described in some detail in Wikipedia’s EFT article is a single very early study by Waite and Holder. This investigation is so flawed that it can be interpreted as either proving or disproving EFT. It was published in a fringe journal linked to another fringe publication, the Skeptical Inquirer.

Having demonstrated their worldview by tagging EFT as “pseudoscience” in the first section, how do they then deal with the inconvenient fact that there are more than 20 clinical trials showing EFTs efficacy? Their solution is to simply not mention them in the article. Since the data doesn’t support their prejudices, they ignore it.

Wikipedia allows the reader to peer behind the entry to the history of additions and deletions to the article, and the skeptical editors are perfectly clear, in these discussions, about their worldview. When new studies are published in peer-reviewed medical or psychology journals, the editors state that they should not be included in the Wikipedia article, since this might lend credibility to EFT which in their eyes it does not have. They elevate their own opinions above the facts.

There is no mention in the Wikipedia article, or the behind-the-scenes discussions, of the standards for empirically validated therapies published by the APAs Division 12 Task Force. There is no reference to the evidence-based criteria embraced by the US government’s National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP), or any description of the randomized controlled trials that have demonstrated EFTs efficacy for PTSD, depression, pain, anxiety, phobias, and other conditions.

None of the authors of the article seems to even be aware that such standards exist. None of the Wikipedia editors have any training or certification in EFT. They do not appear to have read the full copies any of the research published in peer-reviewed journals, and are certainly unable to interpret or explain a scientific paper. One of these gatekeepers calls EFT “claptrap,” and deletes references to balanced peer-reviewed papers in journals published by the American Psychological Association, in favor of the Waite and Holder study.

Having individuals who are not only ignorant, but hostile to scientific enquiry, write an encyclopedia entry on an evidence-based healing modality used by several million people, is like asking the Vatican to write the entry on birth control. You get an opinion, but you don’t get the facts. Imagine a decent encyclopedia, perhaps the Encyclopedia Brittanica, writing an article by assembling an editorial team with complete ignorance of the topic, hostility to the field, scientific illiteracy, and no relevant academic qualifications. If the article’s topic was the nature of the solar system, the team would contain not a single astronomer, physicist, or geologist, and every member would belong to the Flat Earth Society.

Absurd though it may seem, that’s how the Wikipedia entry for EFT is created. Wikipedia’s bias against natural and alternative medicine has been noted by several journalists. As comedian Tina Fey remarked, “When you’re contemplating open-heart surgery, imagine your reaction to a guy who says, ‘I don’t have any of those fancy degrees from Harvard Medical School. I’m just an unlicensed plumber with a dream. Now hand me the scalpel.”

When Wikipedia articles are written by qualified experts, such as the entries for¬†a method called Schema Therapy, or the entry for Emotionally Focused Therapy, they are excellent and informative. Dawson Church, David Feinstein, and other experts have written a new Wikipedia entry which is objective, balanced, and informative, and we hope to replace the “sun revolves around a flat-earth” version with this expert version soon.

Van Leeuwenhoek persisted despite the skepticism, and eventually began to correspond with Britain’s Royal Society, at that time the most prestigious association in the world for the advancement of scientific enquiry. Though he never wrote a book, he eventually exchanged hundreds of letters with members of the Royal Society. His curiousity was boundless, and he used his microscopes to examine organisms existing everywhere from ponds to human saliva.

As the evidence mounted, the nonsensical superstitions of the skeptics were swept away, and van Leeuwenhoek gained a secure place in scientific history. In the same way, the fanciful mirages of the Wikipedia anti-scientists will soon be replaced with solid fact, and the public will gain a reliable source of information about EFT and other energy therapies in this very influential forum.

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Using EFT for sudden nose bleed

Today, just before yoga class, I was in the ladies’ change room and I noticed a young woman frantically dealing with a nosebleed.¬† I offered to show her some “acupressure techniques that might help”. She agreed to try it and I showed her the tapping points starting on the top of the head and asked her to mentally repeat my own words. (We were in a semi-public place after all.)

  • (Top of the head)Even though I have this nosebleed, I accept myself.
  • (Between the eyes)Even though I frequently get nosebleeds, I accept myself.
  • (Side of the eyes)Even though other people in my family might get nosebleeds like I do, I accept myself.
  • (Under nose)Even though I tend to get them on a monthly basis , I accept myself.
  • (Under mouth)Even though it’s really dry in Edmonton, in the winter, and that’s what causes them, I accept myself.
  • (Collar bone)Even though I usually get them after my period is finished, I accept myself.
  • (Under Arm) this nosebleed problem.

Then we tapped through the points one more time saying, “this nosebleed problem” as our reminder phrase and we were done. She came up to me after class to thank me and she mentioned that she had even been able to do the closed nostril breathing exercises.

Not all the sentences I used were¬† relevant to her situation. While we tapped together she said no one else in the family had the problem and that she frequently had nosebleeds after, not during her periods. It doesn’t really matter that I got a few things wrong,as we tapped because while she was tapping and correcting me, her problem resolved itself. Gary Craig calls this process “the garbage and the gold”. Sometimes we are intuitively shown the gold and sometimes it turns out to be garbage. If this is the case we keep looking for the gold and usually it turns up.

Mildred Thill
Edmonton EFT Practitioner

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