My Experience with Cancer

As a former cancer survivor, I carried a great deal of grief over some of my health experiences.  For instance, my voice will never sound normal to other people.  When I don’t have a cold, I sound like I do, and when I have the worst kind of cold with raw vocal cords and plenty of phloem to help in the complete closing of my vocal cords, that’s ironically when my voice is at its best.  It also grieves me that my dental bills are high due to the dry mouth and low saliva I’ve experienced, after all the radiation I received. I have other issues for grief, but those are just two examples.

Before I discovered EFT, there was no way to really deal with this grief.  I carried it all inside me, and it would spill out whenever I had to give my medical history to a doctor, nurse, or other health practitioner.

EFT has allowed me to heal my grief.  To me, it’s as if most of what happened to me: the unnecessary and overly-aggressive treatments, to the misdiagnoses and all my side effects have happened to someone else, perhaps a different me.  EFT has taken away the sting of my cancer grief, and allowed me to move on.  I know longer truly identify anymore as a cancer survivor, even though that is what I am.  It feels, however, that that part of my past no longer defines me.

EFT has allowed me freedom from my past health history.  It has allowed me to leave my grief behind, to heal the emotional scars from cancer that I once thought would always be with me.

Here are earlier musing on my cancer experience.

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