Posted by: Mildred's eftedmonton Blog | November 5, 2019

Tapping Scripts for Global Warming Worries, Forest Fires

Climate change action or more often, the lack of action, has been a big worry of mine for awhile now, to the point that sometimes I have lost sleep over the issue. If this is a concern of yours, you may benefit from this script I put together for my own comfort and concerns. You can begin by just tapping the top of your head as you read, or using any EFT tapping points you know.

  • Even though the average temperature of the planet has already warmed 1 degree above historic average levels, I accept myself. 
  •  Even though science  predicts that it will rise another one degree in the near future, I accept myself. 
  • Even though climate scientists have been overly cautious in their predictions about a further 1% rise in temperature in order not to appear alarmist, I accept myself. 
  • Even though we are likely to see a 2 degree rise in average temperatures in a fairly short time,  I accept myself. 
  • Even though this will entail more drought, more fires, more torrential rain storms, more severe weather, more flooding, more homelessness, more disaster relief costs and more strife over diminishing resources, I accept myself anyway. 
  • Even though the above problems may cause more human displacement, more mass migrations of homeless landless peoples, more strife and more war,  I accept myself
  • Even though so many seem to hope that the global warming problem will solve itself, I accept myself. 
  • Even though governments and political parties are wasting valuable time undoing each other’s work and positive environmental legislation, I accept myself. 
  • Even though I feel personally helpless about stopping the upcoming climate disaster, I accept myself.
  • Even though I may not be doing what I need to do to prevent climate change disaster, I accept myself.
  • Even though I don’t know enough about the problem to even start on fixing it, I accept myself anyway. 
  • Even though I have been losing sleep worrying about the future survival of planet earth,  I accept myself. Even though the Paris agreements have not been met by many countries,  I accept myself.

Forest fires and Smoke 

  • Even though we have more fires now, due to higher average temperatures, I accept myself. 
  • Even though the fires are bigger and hotter and are harder to put out, I accept myself.
  • Even though forest fires burn and pump even more co2 in the atmosphere, I accept myself anyway 
  • Even though schools are closing because of air quality concerns, I accept myself. 
  • Even though people with asthma and lung conditions are suffering due to all the smoke in the air, I accept myself. 
  • Even though it’s hard to garden or enjoy the outdoors in all this smoke, I accept myself anyway, I’m doing the best I can. 
  • Even though these hot and dry conditions will continue and probably worsen as time goes on, I accept myself anyway. 
  • Even though people have lost their homes to forest fires, and some have even lost their lives, I accept myself. 
  • Even if I know people who died due to fire, I accept myself anyway. 
  • Even though I feel so helpless over these events, I accept myself anyway.
  • Even though the power is out and this presenting several challenges for me, I accept myself. 

If you are personally affected by fire, please accept my condolences. In the absence of having access to a counseling session with an EFT practitioner, write down some of your issues. Divide each up into three feelings or pieces. Give each piece a number on a 10 point scale. Tap on each piece. If you’re not able to do this, I recommend doing a YouTube search for Tapping and EFT. Watch and participate in a few videos on any subject. You will find some calmness in this exercise and be better able to move forward. May the Great Spirit guide you.

Permission to share as long as credit and a link back to this site are included. Copyright, Mildred Thill, 2019

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