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Fort McMurray Wild Fire – Helping Your Child Deal Effectively with Post Traumatic Stress (Part 1)

If you’ve never tapped before, the tapping points are described here and this all purpose tapping script might be a good start.
Warning: The script below can be upsetting and re-traumatizing, especially if you don’t tap as you read it. If you start disassociating (tuning out) as you read, stop for awhile and practice EFT tapping without any script. You might also try reaching out to a trained practitioner to guide you.

I always suggest parents start with their side of an issue when dealing with a child’s concern, so here are a few EFT scripts to help you get some perspective and clarity ahead of dealing with your children’s trauma.

Tapping about 7 times on the karate chop point (side of the hand), say or mentally recite each of the following sentences three times:

  • Even though I feel powerless to help my children cope with the after-effects of the fire, I accept myself.
  • Even though I have very little control over the situation we are in now since the fire, I accept myself.
  • Even if I am also traumatized by the fire, I accept myself anyway. I’m doing the best I can.
  • Even though the fire was very frightening to me and to my kids, I accept myself anyway.
  • Even though I couldn’t protect my children from the emotional effects of the fire, I accept myself.
  • Even though we had so much disruption in our lives and even though we had to leave our home on very short notice, I accept myself.
  • Even though we may have lost our home and everything we owned, I accept myself.
  • Even though I still feel upset when I think about this, I deeply and completely love myself.
  • Even if I feel guilty for not losing my home when other people did, or for not doing something I might have done before or during the fire, I accept myself.
  • Even if I may feel I should have done something differently, I accept myself.
  • Even though I may have made mistakes on how I handled things, I accept myself anyway, I’m doing the best I can and I did my best at the time.

Now think of some other things that come to mind and insert in this sentence pattern. Try doing at least three.

  1. Even though________________________________________________________, I accept myself.
  2. Even though________________________________________________________, I accept myself.
  3. Even though_______________________________________________________, I accept myself.

Tap your way through each sentence using the karate chop point 3 times.

Now tap each of the tapping points listed in the all purpose EFT tapping script, as you read over the sentences that resonate the most with you.

  • Top of the head,
  • between the eyebrows,
  • side of the eyes,
  • under the eyes,
  • under the nose,
  • under the lips,
  • collar bone area,
  • under the arms.

Take a deep breath and a drink of water. If you feel calmer than you were, then you are ready to listen to the worries and concerns your child brings up.
If not, come back to the script another day and repeat the process. Most people will notice some relief immediately. Some people will notice that it takes a bit of time for the peace and clarity to “sink in”. Sometimes new issues will arise. Occasionally, the issue and feelings will get worse before they get better. Don’t be discouraged. EFT has helped thousands of people move past trauma. Just be persistent. Watch for my next article, which includes possible sentences to use with younger children.
Please feel free to share one or two of your original tapping scripts in the comment section below.

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