Posted by: Mildred's eftedmonton Blog | January 17, 2015

An Alternative to Liberation Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

Liberation Therapy, Liberation Therapy with stem cells, or Liberation Therapy in Poland, India or Saskatchewan seem to get a lot of attention in the media.  However, results seem very mixed so far for MS  sufferers, who are spending as much as $34,000 to get this experimental treatment. As with any surgery, liberation therapy comes with risks, but in this case with questionable results.

Sufferers of MS frequently notice exacerbations when they are under emotional stress.  For me, this provides a clue that MS is a multifaceted disease and that addressing the emotional side of the MS equation may help with some of the severe symptoms arising from the disease.  I recommend you watch this youtube video

In the above video, one of the participants, Hank, recounts his medical history and treatment for MS.  During my training as an EFT  practitioner, I was privileged to watch Gary Craig treat Hank’s MS.  I didn’t see all the treatments, and I’m certain the client worked on his issues on his own, but I saw results and you can see results on the video for yourself.

To those with MS, I might ask them to think back to the time prior to their diagnosis.  What was happening in their lives at the time? I would ask specifically about the stresses they were experiencing.   Was there added stress associated around the diagnosis itself, or was there grief?  What if any, might be the beneficial side of having MS?  Did MS give the permission needed to quit a job or to end a relationship? Did the MS diagnosis entitle the sufferer to receive sick benefits? Did MS provide any excuse to say, “No”?

If any of these issues ring true, then EFT can definitely help with some of the underlying issues of the disease.  Also if stress makes MS worse, EFT is definitely to be recommended.

“But what are the risks to using EFT?”, one might ask. Well, you might have no results.  You might waste some time, and if you choose to get experienced help from a trained practitioner, you might spend some money, though much less than you might expect.  You would not be risking death on the operating table, though, and you would be learning a very effective tool for regulating your emotions, even if EFT did not cure your MS.


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