Posted by: Mildred's eftedmonton Blog | November 2, 2014

All purpose EFT Tapping Script

  • Even though I have this specific problem or challenge, ________________________ , I accept myself.
  • Even though I may or may not be totally consciously aware of what is behind this specific problem, I accept myself.+
  • Even though there may be one, two or many conscious or subconscious reasons for having or keeping this problem, I accept myself.**
  • Even though I may be holding this problem in some part of my body, I accept myself.+
  • Even though there may be several parts to this specific problem, I accept myself.**

+ If known, add transcript sentences as appropriate.
**Include as many known reasons or parts as possible using separate transcript sentences.

  • Tap through each of the above sentences using the Karate chop point or the sore point, and repeat the sentence three times.
    Then tap through the series of short-cut EFT points-
    Top of the head,
    between the eyebrows,
    sides of the eyes,
    under the eyes,
    under the nose,
    under the lips,
    under the arms, at least twice. (Typically, we tap each point as we go through the series about 7 or 8 times.)

Check out EFT in a nutshell if you need a refresher on EFT.


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