Posted by: Mildred's eftedmonton Blog | March 1, 2013

Using EFT for sudden nose bleed

Today, just before yoga class, I was in the ladies’ change room and I noticed a young woman frantically dealing with a nosebleed.  I offered to show her some “acupressure techniques that might help”. She agreed to try it and I showed her the tapping points starting on the top of the head and asked her to mentally repeat my own words. (We were in a semi-public place after all.)

  • (Top of the head)Even though I have this nosebleed, I accept myself.
  • (Between the eyes)Even though I frequently get nosebleeds, I accept myself.
  • (Side of the eyes)Even though other people in my family might get nosebleeds like I do, I accept myself.
  • (Under nose)Even though I tend to get them on a monthly basis , I accept myself.
  • (Under mouth)Even though it’s really dry in Edmonton, in the winter, and that’s what causes them, I accept myself.
  • (Collar bone)Even though I usually get them after my period is finished, I accept myself.
  • (Under Arm) this nosebleed problem.

Then we tapped through the points one more time saying, “this nosebleed problem” as our reminder phrase and we were done. She came up to me after class to thank me and she mentioned that she had even been able to do the closed nostril breathing exercises.

Not all the sentences I used were  relevant to her situation. While we tapped together she said no one else in the family had the problem and that she frequently had nosebleeds after, not during her periods. It doesn’t really matter that I got a few things wrong,as we tapped because while she was tapping and correcting me, her problem resolved itself. Gary Craig calls this process “the garbage and the gold”. Sometimes we are intuitively shown the gold and sometimes it turns out to be garbage. If this is the case we keep looking for the gold and usually it turns up.

Mildred Thill
Edmonton EFT Practitioner

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