Posted by: Mildred's eftedmonton Blog | February 6, 2013

Being specific helps tappers recognise progress

Yesterday I gave a 45 minute talk at the CAM Fair 2013, at the University of Alberta in Bernard Snell Hall.  I was thrilled with the hall.  Even though it holds 200 people, the acoustics are wonderful, and I felt like people could hear me, even when I stepped out in front of the podium, and away from the microphone to talk. I spoke to a small group of students about EFT and as usual, when I give my talks , we did some sample tapping. I asked people to think of a specific issue in the 5 or 6  range on a 10 point scale.

Then we tapped about four rounds and I asked for the new numbers. One female student had started out at 8 and was still at 8. When I asked her what her issue was, she told me it was her messy house that she didn’t have time to clean up. I pointed out that a  messy house is not a specific issue. Many issues are involved.

First of all, the mess was causing her stress. Then she was stressed out about not having time to clean. The dirty dishes were  probably telling her that she was a lousy person. The moldering leftovers in the back of the fridge accused her of slovenliness. Maybe she hears her mother and grandmother judging her every time she looks at her unmade bed. Maybe this sets her off on her sister and their rivalry  because her parents would always hold her elder sister up as an example of tidiness and orderliness. Maybe this brings up other issues of competition and feelings of inadequacy in her.

Probably she has been not tidying up on a regular basis, so too many things need to be put away and she also feels overwhelmed.  Maybe the laundry needs doing and  the garbage needs emptying. Maybe she has housemates that are not pulling their weight in the housecleaning dept either. All of these things are aspects of a much bigger issue. They are like trees in the messy house forest. This person can not cut down the whole forest with four rounds of EFT. One or two trees might be cut down, but because she hasn’t been specific, probably she has trimmed a few branches here and there in the forest and  hasn’t seen any discernible results. To her, it feels like no progress has been made.

The lesson here is to work on one piece of the issue at a time.  If you are going to eat an elephant, it doesn’t disappear in one meal.   She might try picking one piece of the mess – such as the disorderly living room couch and tapping on this.  If she taps on this problem , she might realize that it would only  take a few trips to the laundry basket and the garbage can to clear the sofa of laundry and junk mail. She might remember a time she was humiliated by an experience involving another messy couch.  She may tap for this as well and somehow just feel better when she sees the rest of the house because she was able to deal with this one small area.

We did not have time to do any serious tapping for this forest of hers, but I hope I was able to explain that her “one” problem was really a number of problems each of which needed to be addressed separately.


  1. Mildred, I think many people who do EFT have this problem, of not being specific enough.Sometimes theres so many aspects to an issue, one doesn’t know where to start. It seems better not to start at all, but of course thats not true. You explain the problem well. 🙂 Arum

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