Posted by: Mildred's eftedmonton Blog | July 25, 2012

Tennis Player Keeps her “Brain Exercises” Secret from her coach and her fellow competitors

Several years ago, in the course of my own affairs, I came across a champion tennis player who lamented to me that she  had been struggling with injuries; she was too small; her bones were frail, etc.  Basically she was verbalizing what we in the EFT profession call ‘psychological reversals’,  unhelpful and limiting beliefs that get in the way of success.  I interrupted her to tell her, “Call me on the phone, spend an hour with me and you will  notice a change in your game. Free of charge.”  We set up an appointment and the main thing I did was to address her self-limiting beliefs. I also taught her how to tap for herself.  At the end of the session, she was feeling confident and ready to play again.  She even asked me to tell her my usual rates and paid me in full for the hour session. She went out and competed, winning her division.

A few months ago, I saw her again  and asked how she was doing with her game.  She gave me another tale of woe. I asked her if she had been tapping for these issues and she admitted that she had not.  I guess seeing me and my reminder got her thinking about her past success, so again, she started incorporating EFT into her game preparations.  When I saw her  a couple of days ago, she had been on another winning streak, and had just won a doubles game. She attributes this to her “brain exercises” – which is what she calls EFT. She talks about this in her office, but none of them are tennis players.

I asked her if she had told her coach or the other players about EFT. “Are you kidding?”, she replied. “These are my competitors. I’m not going to share my secret weapon with them!”


  1. I talked to the same client recently and she is playing in a seniors tournament in Montreal. She claims she has a good chance of winning it this time.

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