Posted by: Mildred's eftedmonton Blog | February 3, 2011

Amit February 3, Anxiety and “Chasing the Fear” in the Body

This session involved a variation on what Gary Craig calls “chasing the pain”. Here we tapped on a variety of places in the body.  Amit reported confusion  or a confused feeling in the left side of his head. His number for this feeling  went from 2 to 8, then 6, and 4 . By the end of the session it was ‘ok’.  We worked on a burning feeling in the stomach, a crushed feeling, rapid fire sensations and possible influence of past lives.  I hope you find the session as interesting as I did.


Remember that if you tap along, you can borrow the benefit and heal some of your own issues.


  1. Hi Mildred …I tried eft and it worked for a headache and does wonders for stress but. Then I became scared of it and now I’m so scared of negative thoughts that its created more stress for example in the middle of tapping sometimes my mind goes into negative thoughts like ” I heart will stop” and its scaring me. ….I. need to know if I can hurt myself with eft and accidental negative thoughts that pop in my mind out of nowhere….please respond

    • Hi Michelle,
      These negative thoughts are not to be feared. You can write them down and deal with each of them one by one.
      For example:
      Even though I’m afraid my heart will stop I accept myself.
      and even though its scaring me, I accept myself. … etc.

      The negative thoughts can be dealt with very effectively this way. I have never known EFT to actually hurt someone. EFT takes the excess fear away from a situation or event. If you are finding your feeling to be overwhelming, it may be worth your while to contact an experienced EFT provider, and work with them. Remember that skilled EFT practitioners are only a phone call away.
      Also, I recommend tapping along to someone elses problems, because this way you can borrow the benefits, without necessarily going into your own stuff.
      Hope this is helpful.

    • I would like to add a few thoughts. It is natural for you to think negative thoughts when you tap, because your body recognizes a solution-EFT. My suggestion is to write down one of these thoughts and while tapping, read it over and over again. This allows you to lessen the power of the thought and keeps other thoughts from crowding in for attention. If another negative thought comes up, deal with it the same way.

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