Posted by: Mildred's eftedmonton Blog | December 3, 2010

Borrow Some Benefits Here

I recently had the opportunity to work with two lovely people who have given me permission to share their sessions with you. If you click on the link, or download the mp3, you should be able to tap along as I use EFT.

Before you begin, think of an issue that needs help to make your life better. As you listen, tap along and borrow the benefits. At the end, check in and see how you feel about the issue you were dealing with prior to tapping. I apologize if the sound quality is poor- I am relatively inexperienced in the technology.

Before the Ingrid D recording, I had two or  three previous appointments with her, and Arum has been a longtime client of mine.

Ingrid D-Lower Back Pain-

Ingrid E-In this recording, Ingrid bravely discusses some of her less admirable traits and how they have landed her in trouble. Beginning with the topics of sleeping in and not getting enough comfort, the session moves on to selfishness, rebelliousness, work attitudes, being on time, responsibility with money, not wanting to grow up, sleeping though hot flashes and dealing with menopausal symptoms.   The session ends with the recommendation that Ingrid write down 10 of her negative self-talk statements each day and frame them as follows:

Even though (negative self-talk statement) I accept myself  (or some other acceptance affirmation).


Peace and love be with you.



  1. Mildred, these audios have been quite helpful.! Hopefully others wiil make use of this excellent resource. Tapping along to get borrowing benefits is yet another avenue to use when we’re stuck and at a loss as to what to tap on. Too, this tapping session has been successful in helping me in gaining more clearing in dealing with my past. Thanks again for all you decernment and help. 🙂 Arum

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