Posted by: Mildred's eftedmonton Blog | August 24, 2010

Excess Job Stress Easily Addressed

In these uncertain times, a working person feels fortunate to have a job and the tendency is to dig in, work harder and keep your head down. Don’t complain; don’t make waves; be thankful you have a job. Do more with less.

Stress takes its toll, however and it manifests itself when you get home and yell at your spouse, or, if you are not  the yelling type, you retreat to the TV spending your remaining  waking hours unwinding from the day and preparing for the next days hurdles.

Then perhaps a day will come when you have had it with the rude customer, your unreasonable job demands, the stress piled on stress and something in your mental or physical world just switches.

Maybe, like Jet Blue Flight attendant Steven Slater, you swear at the customer, grab a couple of bears from the fridge and take the emergency exit from your job, leaving yourself open to more stress and even bigger problems in the future.

Maybe your body puts a stop to it instead, and you find yourself swelling up or seizing up to the point that you have a good ‘excuse’ not to go into work anymore. Maybe you take it out on your spouse and your children , causing irreparable harm to your relationships with them.

So if you fee like Steven Slater , or if you are taking the stress of the job out on your spouse, maybe its time to take control of your stress before your health , your relationships and your mental well being deteriorates any more.

EFT can help you deal with this stress.  Take a minute and write down five or ten items that cause you stress on a daily basis. Give each item a number on a scale  from 1 to 10 for stress levels, with 1 being minor and 10 being a major stress0r.

Using those five or 10 items, follow the pattern explained in EFT in a Nutshell.

Take a deep breath.  If you don’t feel better in your body immediately, don’t worry. Sometimes it takes a few practice sessions to start noticing a decrease in stress and increasing calmness in your body, especially when you have let things build up for a  long time.

EFT is a very easy to learn technique for stress control. It takes very little time to do and and can give you vast rewards.  It not only helps you with stress, it increases your ability to work effectively.   It can help you in your relationships, too.  I hope you check out  and practice  EFT in a Nutshell for your own sake.

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