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Stress Related Acne: Some Self Help

If you have acne or another skin condition that seems overwhelming to you, perhaps EFT can help provide some relief.  The longer you have had this problem the more difficult it may be to completely release it, but persistence pays. If your acne or skin condition gets worse under stress, then EFT may be just the thing for you.

Start with removing some psychological reversals- negative self-limiting beliefs- that are typical of acne sufferers.  Yours may not be exactly the same, but you are welcome to change the words to fit your own circumstances.

Tapping on the side of your hand just below your pinkie, say each of the following statements  three to six times:

Even though I have this acne condition/skin condition , I accept myself. (You can use your own words for the italicised part).

Even though I feel ugly, embarrassed, ashamed,_________________  (any other emotions that come to mind ), I accept myself.

Even if I never get over this acne condition, I accept myself.

Even though I’ve ( or  I haven’t ) tried everything to get rid of this skin condition, I accept myself anyway.

Even if I haven’t tried everything yet, I accept myself.

Even if I don’t really want to completely get over my acne, I accept myself.

Even if I have a secret reason for keeping this skin condition I accept myself.

Even if it’s not safe for me to be completely free of acne, I accept myself.

Even if other people don’t deserve for me to get over my acne, I accept myself.

Even though I use my acne as an excuse to __ not do something __________________ or as a reason ­­­­____ to do something  else_________________ ( you fill in the blanks here), I accept myself .

If I could erase one person or event from my past that would be ______________________________ because____________________________________________________________________________

This question may provide some clue as to what is behind your acne.   If it is an event that happened to you, make a list of all the upsetting aspects, or pieces of this event and tap through each piece, starting at the beginning of the event and for each aspect, tapping 1) the top of the head, 2) the inner eyebrow area, 3) the outer eye area, 4) under the eye, 5)under the nose, 6)under the lips, 7)under the collarbone -where the knot of a tie might be-and 8)under the arms in the area of a woman’s  bra strap might be.

Typically, you will find that the original issue might disappear from your radar, but other issues present themselves.  Work on each of these in turn.  You may have to make a long list and go through it over time, but at some point, you will notice improvement in your skin condition.  If you hear yourself blaming anyone, including yourself for your having acne, then this too is an issue to do a reversal statement on.”Even though it is __________ fault that I have acne, I accept myself and I forgive _______.

If you find yourself mentally using should statements or must statements, these are also important clues to incorporate in your reversal statements.

Even though I should eat healthier, or even though I should take better care of my skin, or even though I should do __________________________, I accept myself.

What are your fears surrounding your acne?______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

Even though I will never get a date, get married, or have a normal life, I accept myself. Even though no one will talk to me, be my friend or date me as long as I look like this, I accept myself. (You know what those fears are for you – use your own fears here.)

Anger is a common underlying emotion for acne sufferers.   If you were angry at anyone or anything, who, or what, would it be?

Even though I am angry at _______________, and ___________________ and ____________________ for  ________________________________________________________________, I accept myself and I forgive anyone involved in the situation.  Even though my anger only hurts me, and it has no physical effect on anyone else, I accept myself.  Even though my anger shows up in my body in a way I don’t want, I accept myself.(3 times)

You may have a long list of people  you are angry at, so write this list down and get to work. Describe each incident in a few words and assign a number  from 1-10 beside it. Start tapping through the rounds as listed above for each one.  Bring each down to 0, (on a scale from 0 to 10) if possible, before moving on to the next.  If you find that you are not making progress on a particular issue, then this is a sign of psychological reversal.  Think of some “even though” statements to work through while tapping the karate chop spot.

If, after you have gone through these ideas, you need more help with this issue, please call me, Mildred Thill at 780-432-3605 or email me at to make an appointment.

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