Posted by: Mildred's eftedmonton Blog | February 14, 2010

Tapping for Aid Workers, too

The Haitian Earthquake has traumatized, not only those who survived it, but also those who who are there in the aftermath trying to help. Here are some sentences to help those who are on the ground trying to help the survivors:

  • Even though we, the aid workers in Haiti, are going through hell trying to take care of the demand in this country, we accept ourselves and choose to keep safe and healthy while we help.
  • Even though we, the aid workers, are exhausted,we accept ourselves.
  • Even though we, the Haitian Coast Guard personnel from base Killick were the first on the scene and are beyond exhausted,we accept ourselves.
  • Even though we, from the US Navy, took over the base for a time to assist those folks so they could rest and its almost too much for us to handle, too; we accept ourselves.
  • Even though the amputations are in the many thousands, we, the people who are trying to help, accept ourselves anyway. We choose to stay strong for the sake of the survivors, and to take care of our own needs, too.
  • Even though so many children have died and were buried, and even though so many have suffered so much, we, the witnesses to this death and suffering, love and accept ourselves as we do the best we can to help the Haitian people cope.
  • Even though the people of Haiti are hurting and are in trouble, and even though the suffering seems overwhelming at times, we accept ourselves.
  • Even though we who are assisting are almost as traumatized as the Haitians themselves, we accept ourselves.
  • Even though we, the survivors and helpers, are being traumatized by what we experience and see here, we accept ourselves. We are doing our best to help. That’s all we can do.
  • Even though some of us have sons and daughters in the military and in NGOs who are helping, and even though we worry about their mental health under these horrible circumstances, we accept ourselves, anyway and we send them whatever strength and love that we can to help them in this difficult situation.
  • Even though we can only imagine what those who were sent there have done – and witnessed, we accept ourselves.
  • Even though we, the people sent to help have witnessed unimaginable pain, suffering and horror, we accept ourselves and we choose to stay strong and heal quickly from any resulting traumas we have experienced here.
  • Even though we, the doctors, have come back frustrated and angry from the lack of infrastructure and people dying un-necessarily because of it, we accept ourselves and we forgive the Haitians responsible for not doing what needed to be done.
  • Even though the rainy season is coming and bringing the possibility of hurricanes and things will probably get even worse for some people, we the Haitians, choose to help each other and work together to get shelter and resources together in preparation for what is still to come.

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    1. Thank you for a terrific set up sentence workshop for us all to surrogate tap with. *hugs*


      • Thanks Tiffany, I invite you or anyone else to add further tapping script sentences if any come to mind.

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