Posted by: Mildred's eftedmonton Blog | December 19, 2009

Gary Craig, Founder of EFT, is Retiring

I have to say I am shocked  that this is happening so soon. All of us EFT ers will really have to tap about our loss.

Apparently, Gary’s web site is shutting down; the DVD’s won’t be sold any more; the EFT forums will be closed.  Those of you who have been thinking about buying Gary’s DVD’s, now is the time, especially with the Canadian dollar so strong against the American dollar , there really isn’t  a better time than today to do it, at this link  here. Your best deal is to buy all three sets for a 50% discount if you can afford to. They make great Christmas gifts, too.
At the very least, get your free manual download and read how to do EFT here.

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