Posted by: Mildred's eftedmonton Blog | October 31, 2009

A Very Special Girl

I recently met a very special girl. I call her a girl, because she is still exploring her place in the world, though truthfully she is a young woman. Why is she special? Well to begin with, she is a survivor. As a young child, she experienced some trauma that eventually took her to a place of addiction.  Knowing  in her heart that life did not have to be the way it was, and searching for solutions brought her to a 12 step program for her multiple addictions.  She received a lot of help from these programs but was stalled on steps 4 to 6.  She needed to work on some of her underlying issues, her past, her present self-hatred, and some other issues. She knew she needed something more. Luckily, her sponsor encouraged her to look to alternative treatments and luckily, EFT kept coming to her attention.

Finally she called me.  Our first session, we dealt with a very traumatic experience and she was able to see herself as an innocent child out of her depth, and not at all to blame for the event.  She was also able to see that she had done the right thing, that the action she had taken to protect herself had been effective.  She was able to change her perception of the traumatic event from being a passive victim to being a strong, effective survivor.  EFT is so effective in helping these re-frames ‘land’ that I am continually amazed at the shifts in perspectives that take place in my clients.

She is a beautiful girl and realizes that she has to take care of her own physical, emotional and mental health  in order to be present for others. At her young age she has learned what many never learn- that we need to take care of ourselves to be effective with others and to take care of other people.   We have seen each other maybe 4 times.  I am amazed at her increased confidence and her energy.  She no longer wears a V for victim on her forehead.  She projects self-confidence.  She has come so far.

I know she is just beginning her journey. There may be times when she needs to come back for some expert help with things. However, she has learned how to use EFT so that she can help herself cope with most of life’s curve balls.

Congratulations, my dear.

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