Posted by: Mildred's eftedmonton Blog | October 9, 2009

Telephone EFT

I often demonstrate the power of EFT with a short stress-reducing session on the phone. For instance, the other day, a woman phoned me and wondered how I could help with stress by phone.  I asked her to think of some small issue that had recently irritated her. She was married, so I suggested she think of something her husband had done. After a bit of thought, she admitted that he had annoyed her that morning when she had called him at work to complain that the screen door needed repairs and he had not sounded very sympathetic. She was at a 5 on the scale for being upset about it.

I took her through the tapping sequence by phone, suggesting she karate chop her knee and saying:

  • Even though my husband doesn’t care about the screen door as much as I do, I accept myself.
  • Even though he cares about his stuff more than he cares about my stuff, I accept myself.
  • Even though when he’s at work he doesn’t care about things at home, I accept myself.

Then I took her through all the tapping points, saying as I went:

  • Even though he’s got other things on his mind and is worrying about his own things, I accept myself.
  • Even though I care about my stuff more than I care about his stuff, I accept myself.
  • Even though he cares about his stuff and I care about my stuff, I accept myself.
  • Maybe when he comes home and sees the screen door then maybe he’ll care more about it then.

By the end, I had her laughing and her stress level about the incident down to 0.

Some of you might notice how I reframed the incident for her-it really wasn’t her husband trying to hurt her feelings: he wasn’t telling her concerns didn’t matter. Rather he was at work and his mind was on other things. I was able to show her in a non-judgemental way, that he might not have been so attentive to her feelings because of the space he was in.  These reframes seem to ‘land’ better with tapping.

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